John Deere 2630 GS3 Touchscreen + LCD Repair ONLY

John Deere 2630 GS3 Touchscreen + LCD Repair ONLY

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Do not place an online repair order unless you have contacted Agtouchscreens via phone or email. Include your phone number with your email message.

Repair Pricing Structure 2630:

$620.00 when paid via check payment enclosed with the display when shipped.  Return ground shipping included inside the USA. Shipping is not included for Canadian customers.
when paid online via credit card, return ground shipping included inside the USA.  Shipping cost is not included for Canadian customers.

What are key points provided in the cost of the repair?

-Ground return shipping
-Brand new, high quality touchscreen (these are manufactured and engineered by one of the top leading touchscreen manufacturers in the world.)
-Factory applied touchscreen protector ($35 value)
-Repair of watermark defects of the lcd caused by the gel
-Gel extraction from the OEM LCD (it will never bubble again)
-Extraction of the gel that has leaked and pooled inside the case frames.

This ad is a repair service only.   You must ship your 2630 to have the gel extracted, OEM lcd thoroughly cleaned, repaired and replaced with a new touchscreen and screen protector.

The DIY Repair option is exclusively to those who are are outside of the USA/Canada and are unable to ship their displays for repair.  A phone call/email is required.  

Give us a call (320)981-0405 

Repairs are shipped to:
Michael Geihl
3886 230th Ave
Clarkfield, MN 56223


Why choose AgTouchscreens for your repair?
💥I have been in the business of repairing touchscreen monitors and supplying direct oem touchscreens to dealers and farmers for a decade.

💥Agtouchscreen's passion and focus is touchscreen and lcd repair.

💥Repair by AgTouchscreens will keep your 2630 original. The OEM LCD is repaired of defects caused by the gel. 

💥The touchscreen is a vital component for display function so quality is key! I do not use off-brand, generic, counterfeit touchscreens that can be purchased online. Even multi-location, big-box ag repair centers are resorting to a cheap touch screen and lcd which can reduce the longevity of the display.

This service will fix common symptoms including:
-Non-responsive touch screen by finger or stylus
-Cracked Touchscreen from physical damage
-The dreaded bubble around the edge (If ignored, this issue can lead to a much larger repair expense)
-Elimination of the sticky “gel” that may be leaking out of the frame of the display.
-After the repair, it will not bubble again since the gel is removed.

Additional services provided for the 2630 if needed:
Field and Factory reset procedure
replacement of rear keypad membrane switch
repair of speaker alarm



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